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Community Endorsements

SVFD Fire Commissioner/Retired LLPD Chief/Liberty Lake Resident - Brian Asmus






We Believe, We Vote 96% Alignment

I appreciate your honesty and transparency.  That is a true leader, and one who should continue in this position!

- C.H. Joncyk, Liberty Lake Resident

Thank you for always being available.

- Carol Martin, Liberty Lake Resident

I like that you're humble.  Politicians who try to take credit for everything make holding public office about their ego, and they run for the wrong reasons.  Thank you for your servant leadership.

- Alyson McGuire, Liberty Lake Resident

Thank you for being honest and caring for our city.

- Richard Siler, Liberty Lake Resident

I appreciate your open transparency and commitment to serve our city"

- Paul Brown, Liberty Lake Resident

She is truly amazing for Liberty Lake!

- Chris Russell, Liberty Lake Resident

If all "conservatives" were as fair, ethical, and honest in service as Cris, our country would be so much better off.  She has my vote.

- Gary Zimmerman, Liberty Lake Resident

I have been a community member, living in the River District since 2012, and am a past/current member of the Civil Service, Planning and Parks & Arts Commissions; involved, informed and engaged as a volunteer with all LL activities, in attendance at City Council and community meetings, Winter Glow, Friend of the Library and Friends of Pavillion Park. During this time, Cris has personified the theme of "Liberty Lake Together" as the most engaged, active, representative and accessible leader with whom I've had the pleasure of knowing during 40+ years of public service at the City, County and State levels! Her qualifications, experience and integrity are unmatched. Cris has my wholehearted support to continue moving Liberty Lake forward and in the right direction. I hope you'll join me and vote for Cris Kaminskas for Mayor.

- Tom Sahlberg, Liberty Lake Resident, Parks & Arts Commissioner, former Planning Commissioner

I am writing to ask the city Council to appoint Cris Kaminskas as our new mayor. I believe Cris has not only the qualifications and experience for the job, but the enthusiasm, heart and passion for the job.  Cris is a go getter. She is always putting herself out there for the residents whether it be an answer on social media or fighting for a small business to thrive in our community. Cris has worked to develop and build positive relationships with the community, city staff, as well as the schools, fire departments and neighboring  communities.

-Shelli Dickinson, former Liberty Lake Planning Commissioner


I’m reaching out to express my absolute admiration and respect for Cris in hopes to further validate her position as Mayoral Appointee.  I’ve known Cris for 3.5 years in the capacity she maintains with TierPoint.  Quite frankly she is literally one of my most favorite human beings on the planet.  It is very rare in today’s landscape to come across the quality of person that I have found in Cris.   One of the things that we all know about Cris here at TierPoint is the love of her community. 

-Boyd Goodfellow, VP Sales, TierPoint

Cris is a proven leader and has the breadth of experience serving on city council.  And she is kind and respectful to those who don’t necessarily agree with her! 

-Lynn Diddens, former Liberty Lake Planning Commissioner

I have had the pleasure of working with Cris Kaminskas for the past two and half years. During that time, Cris has been a model employee and a productive contributor to our organization. In addition to having a high degree of integrity and a cheerful personality, she is one of those rare individuals who both works independently and takes initiative, as appropriate. She is strong in time management, work ethic, and demonstrates a competence beyond the skills for which she was originally hired. Cris has taken on a leadership role with her peers and collaborates well with everyone that she engages.  


Cris has a strong academic background having graduated from Miami University with a BA and working on her MBA at the University of Tampa. She is well spoken and approaches challenges with thought and care. She speaks often of her community efforts and takes great joy in volunteering and supporting her local community.


Seldom have I been able to make such an enthusiastic recommendation regarding an employee, colleague, and friend.

-Sean T. McCarthy, Senior Vice President, Business Operations, TierPoint

Cris is caring, compassionate, considerate, intelligent, well-informed and always pro-active regarding all things “Liberty Lake”.   Cris has done a lot for the city and would be a wonderful solution to this new challenge.
-Summer Darrow, Liberty Lake Resident


It is important to me to have a mayor that is engaged, informed and connected to the community.  Keeping that in mind, I strongly support the appointment of Council Member Cris Kaminskas for the next mayor of Liberty Lake.


I have known Council Member Kaminskas for a number of years now.   I initially met her when I was the executive director of Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS).   She was a new council member at the time and was interested in learning more about the services that SCRAPS provided to the community.  I was impressed with her level of engagement and concern for Liberty Lake and its citizens. 


I retired from SCRAPS in 2018, but have been a resident of Liberty Lake for over 10 years now.   I have personally observed Council Member Kaminskas engagement with the community.  I have talked with her at the city’s farmers market booth about city issues.   Additionally, I have followed her posts on social media involving the city.   She regularly shares important information and answers questions.   If she does not know the answer then she will research it and get the answer for you.  It is evident that she deeply cares about the citizens of Liberty Lake.


I appreciate her concern for public safety, balanced growth and fiscal responsibility.   She is open and transparent – critical qualities for any government official.   This last year has been a new beginning in Liberty Lake.   The leadership of Mayor Brickner and the changes he brought to the city have been positive and greatly appreciated.   I believe that Council Member Kaminskas is perfect to continue this work.   I urge you to select Council Member Kaminskas as the next mayor of Liberty Lake.

-Nancy Hill, Liberty Lake resident, Liberty Lake Parks & Art Commissioner, and former Executive Director of SCRAPS

Cris has been a long time contributor to the City of Liberty Lake.  She has been a faithful council member and a zealous advocate for the city and its affairs even before taking office.  As a former council member, I had the privilege of working with Cris.  Her genuine care for the community and its citizens shines through in all that she does.  I am especially grateful for her moderate voice in favor of common sense solutions to tough problems.  Cris is not an idealogue.  She weighs out each circumstance on its merits and looks for the best way to promote the common good.  I whole heartedly am in favor of her moving into this position.  I trust that she would be good for the city and be a positive force in our community.

-Ryan Romney, Former Liberty Lake Councilmember

I support Cris Kaminskas to be our next mayor. She has an outstanding record of service and leadership to Liberty Lake.
- June Jacobson, Liberty Lake Resident


I would like to provide my professional and personal recommendation of Cris Kaminskas to serve as Mayor of Liberty Lake, WA. Cris served as a Program Manager under my direction working closely together at Unicep Packaging, LLC as well as volunteer efforts led by Cris for Liberty Lake, WA.


Cris exhibits high levels of productivity and extensive communication skills while consistently maintaining high standards for quality and accuracy in her work.   She is consistently concise and thoughtful taking initiative to become involved even in sensitive issues and situations to get resolution. As important as her professional qualifications and accomplishments, Cris’ personality and demeanor fit well in a leadership role.  Cris is reliable, dedicated, and extremely upbeat.  Her ability to interact with coworkers as well as customers is unparalleled as she performs a high volume of work while creating excelled rapport with co-workers, customers, and other business partners.


Her education, previous experience as City Council Member & Pro Tem Mayor for Liberty Lake, depth of experience, and leadership skills makes Cris very qualified to lead your city.  

- Craig Wirtz, former VP Unicep Packaging/Cris' former boss

I ask that you support Cris Kaminskas to be our next Mayor. Cris has more knowledge and heart for the community than anyone I know. Cris has worked tirelessly connecting the city to the community on social media, educating the community at the Farmers Market and elevating the quality of the debate at council meetings. There is no doubt in my mind Cris will provide the necessary stability and continuity of knowledge the city will most certainly need.  Cris has proven her abilities as a skilled councilmember, leader to the staff and her dedication to the community is without question.


During my tenure on the council I learned from Cris the necessary compassion and willingness to compromise for the good of the community. Cris is not interested in being right but rather doing what’s right. I strongly encourage the council to reflect on your encounters with Cris to be reminded on just how sincere and genuine of a person she is.  Cris will serve as Mayor with honor and dignity she always has always  done on the Council.

- Josh Beckett, Former Liberty Lake Councilmember

I know Mrs. Kaminskas brings the experience and knowledge needed to perform the duties of the Mayor. She is very involved in the community and it's clear how much she cares about Liberty Lake. Cris has been and continues to be, a fixture at community events and at the Farmers Market, talking with and answering questions from her constituents. She's worked to increase her knowledge of government functions through continuing education. She has the energy and the personality to be an effective Mayor and advocate for our city.

- Holly Woodruff, Former Liberty Lake Councilmember, Past President Friends of the Liberty Lake Municipal Library, Past Liberty Lake Salary Commission Member

I first became acquainted with Cris as she represented the city at the local Farmer’s Market. I found her to always be approachable, knowledgeable and committed to furthering the needs of our city. Subsequently, during the 2019 campaign I had the opportunity to listen to her present her ideals at a forum, which led me to support her reelection.


One of my favorite quotes by G Eliot:  “What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?”


I feel Cris has demonstrated this principle in her personal and professional life. In addition to being a devoted family member with a demanding career, she has made the time to volunteer with an organization that meets the needs of the homeless in our community.


I have lived in the Liberty Lake community since 2012 and am proud to call it my home primarily the result of how the city maintains it. Cris’s tenure on the city council will prove beneficial to continuing the progress that is being made here. I feel her leadership style and commitment to the betterment of this community is most valuable.


In closing, please accept my endorsement of Cris Kaminskas for the position of mayor. Thank you for your consideration.

- Barbara Hatfield, Liberty Lake Resident

I want to officially record my support for Cristella Kaminskas for Mayor.  From my observation she has been a dedicated council member, community volunteer and her experience in this role would be an asset to Liberty Lake.

 - Michelle Grabicki, Liberty Lake Resident

I support Cris Kaminskas as the mayor of Liberty Lake.   I met Cris at the city booth at the Liberty Lake farmer’s market.   I had several questions about the city’s transportation plan.   I found her to be informed and helpful.   I also have seen her communications on social media – sharing important updates about the city.


I know that Council Member Kaminskas is a strong supporter of public safety which is also important to me.

- RC Lavasseur, Liberty Lake Resident

I have been a resident of Liberty Lake for over a decade now and wouldn't want to live anywhere else.   I am now also two years into being on the board of directors for the Meadowood Home Owners Association as my way of giving back to my neighbors for being part of such a great community. 


I have had the fortune to meet some incredible  people that are engaged to make the town they live in a better and safer place.  One that has stood out as a great asset to our town is Cris Kaminskas.  She has privately  engaged me to discuss areas of collaboration with the HOA with great interest in ensuring  all stakeholders in LL have input and also provide reciprocal support.  Cris has an open ear to anyone with ideas to enrich the safety and utility of our town.


Although  filling the shoes of our past mayors is a tough role, I am confident that Cris  has the passion and basic drive to represent our whole community in this capacity.  I can think of no one more suited for being the face of our town in these tough times.


Thanks for hearing my voice in this matter, and I am fully in support of Cris Kaminskas to be our mayor.

- Jacob Andersen, Liberty Lake Resident and Meadowwood HOA board member

I'd like to voice my support for Cris Kaminskas for mayor!  Her time on the city council, countless hours devoted to the community of Liberty Lake and love for this city would make her a great mayor!

- Joe Rodgers, Liberty Lake Resident

I support the appointment of Cris Kaminskas to the position of Mayor of Liberty Lake.


Though I have only known Cris personally for a few short years, I have been exposed to her as it relates to the politics of Liberty Lake for well over 10 years.


It is my opinion that  Cris has proven herself to be intelligent, hardworking, ethical and trustworthy. She has always gone the extra mile to help the residents of Liberty Lake to get answers questions and provide much needed information.


As sad as I am that Mayor Brickner had to step down, I think that Cris Kaminskas will be able to fill the Mayoral role and keep Liberty Lake moving in a positive direction.

- Mile Crawford, Former Liberty Lake Resident

I am writing to submit my support for Cris Kaminskas as the mayor of Liberty Lake.


While on the community page a few years ago.  I saw a post from Cris Kaminskas addressing a question from a fellow citizen.  I decided to take it upon myself to message her with a concern I had.  That very night she took it upon herself to personally meet up with me.  Cris worked with the city and constantly gave me updates about the concern.  While I know the majority of the city and the city council played a part in getting the concern addressed, I will always remember how amazing it felt to be a citizen voicing a concern to a council member and having that concern addressed.  I did not know Cris until this event.  She is one of the many reasons I love where we live and feel she would be an amazing candidate to fill the mayor role.

- Michelle Johnson, Liberty Lake Resident

I have lived in Liberty Lake since 1996. I have been involved in different community projects, in that time as a volunteer.  During, this time I met Cris, she seemed to always be at many of the events where I was a volunteer.  I went up and introduced myself to her. 

I want to recommend, Cris to fill the Mayors Seat.  As a long time resident, and a person who has seen Cris in action, I wanted to speak my mind and recommend her.  She has all the qualities a good, Mayor should have, integrity, communication, and empathy.  She is accessible to all the citizens.  Look at the city page or community page, Cris is always right there to answer or direct people to the answer to their questions.

Cris is also known in this community - she has been hands on and active in community functions.  Also, she possesses the management ability to move others from point A to point B - she can provide the proper direction.  She has a vision for our city's future.  She is able to tackle issues that affect our community.  These are trying times.  I’ve seen her in action, and I know she is good at delegating, and has the respect of many of the cities citizens.

It is my opinion, that Cris the best suited to take over the Mayors position.  I have worked and volunteered with her myself.  I’m confident Cris, as Mayor, will also be able to made decisions that may not be popular with everyone , but make the best decision for our city.  Being a Mayor is a difficult job, I believe Cris has the business savvy, administrative, and communication skills to do the job. 

- Karen Pagliaro, Liberty Lake Resident, first President of Liberty Lake SCOPE, Meadowwood HOA Board Member

Cris has been an incredible asset to this community.  She spends almost every Saturday at the farmers market making herself available to the city residents to answer questions or just shoot the breeze.  She also cares very deeply about this community and shares many of the same visions of the direction our little city is and should be heading.  With that I would hope the council appoints Cris to be our next mayor.  

- Jared Von Tobel, Liberty Lake Resident & former Liberty Lake Planning Commissioner

My wife Tracy and I have known Cris for many years and appreciate her ability to be reached for any civic reason.  Seeing her @ the weekly Farmer's Market during the Summer and at nearly every City Event is what we need from our government leaders.  Cris understands this, and her moderate position on policies are also appreciated.


Both my wife Tracy and I heartily endorse her.

- Jeff & Tracy Means, Liberty Lake Residents

I would like to throw my support to Cris Kaminskas to become the next mayor of Liberty Lake, Washington.  Cris brings with her years of experience, dedication and the same philosophies as those of Shane Brickner.  I’m asking the city council to please cast their votes for the next mayor of Liberty Lake, Washington, Cris Kaminskas.

Thank you for you consideration.

- Mark Saba, Liberty Lake Resident, Member of Liberty Lake Salary Commission, Past Meadowwood HOA Board Member

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