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Thank you!!!

What a journey we have been on over the last six months. I want to thank all of you for getting me through it! Good friends, new friends, family, volunteers, donors, and supporters who I have yet to meet in are what kept me going and you are the reason we pulled this off.

Now that I am no-longer in "limbo-land" regarding the next two years serving you, you will see a lot more going on with City Hall.

Here's a touch of what is coming

  • City Administrator, Katy Allen, is retiring in early January - she has been planning this for a couple of years now. We have received a lot of applications and will be working on an interview timeline. The process will include several interview panels, including a community panel.

  • New Positions (pending Council approval) - Communications/Community Engagement/Public relations, Facilities Lead, changes to LLPD structure including 2 new officers,

  • Part Time & most Seasonal positions moving to Full Time

  • Commissions - Planning Commission Recruitment (2 current members will join City Council in January and the term is up for a couple other members). Community Engagement Commission Recruitment (new commission that will convene after a Communications/Public Relations person is hired)

  • Citizen Academies - Various topics in order to better educate our residents about the planning process, roles/responsibilities of council, mayor, commissions, and the LLPD.

  • Infrastructure/Pedestrian Safety - continued work on improving traffic operations. The Kramer Parkway overpass should be complete in 2022, a new traffic signal will be installed at Legacy Ridge and Country Vista. Additional flashing pedestrian crossings will be installed to improve safe routes to school & the sidewalk along Mission just east of Aladdin will be installed. More flashing speed limit signs will be installed. Improvements to the Appleway/Country Vista intersection at Stonehill will be designed.

  • Other Capital Projects - The Trailhead clubhouse will be torn down and rebuilt and improvements will be made to the driving range and parking. The Public Works yard will be completed

  • Network Security & Managed Services - Council approved funding to update our network security, including 24/7/365 monitoring, threat detection and prevention, and many other needed upgrades.

  • Re-activation of the official Mayor's Facebook account to more clearly interact with the public in an official capacity.

Great things are ahead! Remember, you can always reach me via email at or by calling/texting 513-519-8720

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