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The Strategist?.....or The Salesman?

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

So you've read about my background, what I've done since becoming Mayor in January, my priorities, and what makes me tick.

I am the strategist. I am a realist. I think long term. I make decisions based on data. I tell people how things are and why instead of telling them what they want to hear.

I know what I can control or influence, and I know what I can't.

The Salesman will tell you what you want to hear:

  • CLAIM: "NO more Multi-family Units!"

  • REALITY: There are numerous undeveloped parcels in town that are zoned for Mixed Use. Those properties cannot be downzoned without putting the City at major risk for a lawsuit that we would lose, costing the residents of our community a lot of money. In the meantime, Mr. Peterson's top five donors (at $1K each) are local contractors and developers.

  • CLAIM: "Your Full Time Mayor"

  • REALITY: In his 2019 interview with the Salary Commission, former Mayor Peterson said that he spends "60-80 hours a month" on his Mayor job. When asked if that would change for someone else in the position, his answer was "no, I don't think it would change much".

  • CLAIM: "Keep Liberty Lake Debt Free"

  • REALITY: In 2016, Mr. Peterson wanted the taxpayers to support a $12M bond measure to build a combined community center/library/pool facility. In 2017, he took a scaled down version of that same project to the voters to approve a $9M bond. Both of these would have increased your property taxes to pay for them. So much for staying debt free.

  • CLAIM: "The Mayor as Chief Administrative Officer has to envision how we deliver services in the most efficient manner and how we can consolidate our administrative functions to achieve cost-effective results"

  • REALITY: Yes, Mr. Peterson likes to consolidate. He consolidated so much during his term in office that our key employees were doing work outside their scope of expertise (see my other blog post 'Work Smarter, Not Harder'), doing the work of more than one person, and getting burned out. This is NOT efficient and NOT cost-effective; it creates unintended mistakes and oversights which cost YOU, the taxpayer, more money.

Come join me on Tuesday, October 12th from 4-7pm at the Liberty Lake Wine Cellars for a Meet & Greet and Fundraiser!.

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