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There is a plan...

People wonder how I can manage a full time job as well as being Mayor of Liberty Lake. Had someone asked me in January 2020, I would have said "I can't".....and that was pre-COVID!

Life was changing drastically for me in 2020. My son was graduating from high school, I was helping my cousin and her son pack up and move from Cincinnati to Liberty Lake, my son was headed off to college (at the time, he hadn't decided how far away he was going), and my duties at work were changing and I wasn't sure what to expect. Then.....COVID happened. Not only did I still do all the things planned for 2020, but I also almost lost my Dad to COVID, I sold my parent's town house, and moved them into a retirement home. What a year!

By the time the year was over, life had settled down. My parents were settled and happy, my cousin and her son were settled and happy, my son was settled into college so my daily parenting duties were gone, and I had settled into my changing duties at work. So, when it was time to choose someone to take over the Mayor's seat in January this year, I was ready, willing, and able.

While I couldn't imagine doing this job 18 months ago, God got me through a rough year and rewarded me with a clean slate to move forward.

I am extremely fortunate that my company is very supportive of me in this endeavor; in fact, four of the senior executives wrote letters of support during the appointment process in January. I have settled into a rhythm that allows me time to successfully manage the duties of both offices.

How? You'll have to wait until my next blog entry to find out :)

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