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What you see is what you get - no ghost writers here!

Whether in person or in print, my communication is genuine and comes from the heart. And I communicate.....a lot.

When someone receives an email from me....I wrote it.

When you read this website and blog.....I wrote it....ALL of it.*

When I post or answer on Facebook....I wrote it.

When I share on Instagram....I wrote it.

When someone posts in favor of me or my campaign on Facebook, I have not prompted them to do so. I also do not ask people to respond to posts on my behalf or to take jabs at my opponent.

What you see and hear is what you get I won't try to pass off posts or content as my own, and I won't pay someone to do it on my behalf.

If you want this type of communication to continue from the Mayor's office...I respectfully ask for your vote.

And, if you're on the fence, call or text me and we can meet up.

My cell number is 513-519-8720

*newspaper articles are properly credited

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